Set goals. Uncover new ideas. Solve Problems Faster.


With Monitae we implemented a successful management by objectives program.




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Get Organizational Change Management Superpowers.


Set Targets

Decide on achievable goals and identify best performers. We have more than 3.000 KPIs to inspire you on measurable targets.

Monitor Performance

Lead Business Transformation and Organizational Change. Help your team to reach their highest potential. Set company goals and KPIs.

Communicate Progress

Use a simple and easy to navigate dashboard. Get all the information you need on the road. Take action in minutes, not hours.


Share Winning Strategies

Capture and spread the best practices of your top achievers. Uncover problems, identify new ideas, communicate solutions across the team.

Get Feedback

Use surveys to learn what your team thinks the priorities are. Discover what works and what doesn´t with a simple click. Achieve operational excellence.

Uncover New Ideas

Crowd-source the innovation process and uncover new ideas. Give everyone at your company the power to create positive change.

Supercharge Your Change Management Process.



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Business Benefits

Set Group and Individual Goals

Managers and employees perform better in an environment where they feel in control of their daily work. Give them direction and focus on the behaviors that will lead them to succeed.

Team Collaboration

Joining forces can make a group unbeatable. Help your team by giving them the right tools to collaborate and share best practices. Why not allow all employees to share their talents and compile the top-performing strategies?

Align Company Culture

Communicate the strategy and values of the company through focused individual and corporate goals where the best performers become coaches for the rest.

Continuous communication

Continuous communication is fundamental to let the team know that what they are doing is contributing to organizational success and an effective Business Transformation.

Empower Employees

Employees who are empowered and motivated by an environment that awards their work accomplishments tend to have increased morale and more positive workplace attitudes.

Identify Top Talent

Identify who in your workforce has an opportunity to improve and help them achieve their maximum potential. Measure performance based on results, create a work environment that promotes employee recognition and reward concrete actions.

Monitae helps businesses increase employee performance, compliance, and overall satisfaction trough goal setting techniques and employee collaboration.

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