Set goals, track performance and solve problems faster.

Learn about the effects of goal setting, external feedback, and self-generated feedback.

Monitor Performance

Challenge your team to reach their highest potential and set your company goals and KPIs. Achieve operational excellence.

Set Targets

Decide on achievable goals and identify best performers. We have more than 3.000 KPIs to inspire you on measurable targets

Communicate Progress

Use a simple and easy to navigate dashboard. Get all the information you need on the road. Take action in minutes, not hours

Share Winning Strategies

Capture and spread the best practices of your top achievers. Uncover problems, identify new ideas, communicate solutions across the team.

Why is Monitae different?

Whether you spend your days managing the workforce or a distributed sales channel, Monitae knows how to best help you, simply and with ease.

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    We help you get to know
    your people

    The people who interact with your customers - employees, partners, resellers - are the lifeblood of your business

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    Technology for Businesses

    If you are a manager facing the difficult task of trying to delight your customers every single minute of every day, we are here to help you.

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    A goal setting system that
    motivates employees

    You will increase motivation in the workplace using a performance-based system, we will tell you who has achieved results.

How do we help our customers improve results every day?
We help you see the motivational benefits of goal-setting.

An essential tool for your workforce

Increase Employee Effectiveness

Whether for factory workers, salespeople in the field or store attendants, with Monitae you can create engaging and goals for the company and individuals. that will boost your revenue.

Align Values and Company Culture

Doing the right things at the right time is crucial to keep your company on target with its goals.
Use our technological platforms to save time and money by reducing the number of meetings and long calls.

Reinforce Motivation and Engagement

We like to offer many alternatives to raise motivation among the workforce. When you point your employees in the right direction and hand them the proper tools, you will see how much performance can increase, and they will feel happily empowered. Skyrocketing productivity and spreading happiness is no longer a contradiction.

Improve Team Collaboration

Individual goals shouldn't be opposed to group and company goals. Determine the direction of your company and make your expectations clear for the staff, as individuals and also as a group.

Monitae is a powerful motivational tool to boost motivation and align the team on the things that are more important. Jack Green, Sales Manager Top Retail Company
  • Keep track of your performance.

  • Vote and share best practices with your company, department, or team.

  • Never forget where you are. Get a text message or email so you never forget to upload data and receive constant notifications about your achievements

  • Seamless CMR integration

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  • employee satisfaction
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  • employee recognition